Best Beaches in Europe

Europe is a vast continent found entirely within the Northern Hemisphere with the exception of the Ocean, and that too in a mostly North to South orientation. It also includes Central Europe (Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland), Northern Europe (Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Poland, Romania) and the Southern European countries of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, Slovenia and Italy. There are numerous European holiday destinations and most of them have something to offer to the traveler looking for a great vacation.

European holiday destinations

Some of the European holiday destinations are architectural wonders like those of Amsterdam, Paris, Rome or even London. These are cities with great historical significance and you can see this while traveling in these cities on a cruise. Also on these cities you can get to experience amazing panoramic views along with some amazing shopping opportunities. The best time to visit these cities on a budget is from May to October when the weather is pleasant and the tourist rush is over.

For those who want to travel in more distant areas of Europe, there are many destinations to choose from. The best way to go about finding out what European holiday destinations to visit is to check out the internet. You will be able to find out what cities appeal to you and what cities you may have missed. You can even look at the different accommodation options available to ensure that you have a good holiday.

The best beach destinations are located in southern Europe and you can find some of the best beaches in Europe here. Some of the best beaches that are popular with families are those of Portugal’s Portuguese Coast, Spain’s Costa del Sol, Greece’s Corfu, Norway’s Eastersey, Italy’s Tuscany, Belgium’s Limburg, and France’s Monaco. These destinations are perfect for beach lovers as they offer a wide variety of water sports and sandy beaches.

For those travelling in a more relaxed and laid back way, Spain, Ireland and Greece are great places to visit. Spain has some of Europe’s most beautiful Spanish beaches, where you can spend a lot of sun-time sitting on the beach and enjoying the scenery. If you love Ireland you will be able to spend a memorable and relaxing holiday at one of the best sandy beaches here.

The cheapest countries to live in Europe according to research are Austria, Portugal, Cyprus and Spain. These countries have a low crime rate and a high quality of life. Each of these destinations is popular for its particular attractions. For example, if you love to go hiking then you should really consider going to Austria, as it has some incredible mountains that you can see from within the country. If you are a fan of culture then you will love spending time in Portugal, as Lisbon is considered to be one of the most colourful capitals in Europe.

If you are considering spending a family holiday then the UK is home to many beaches, with some being particularly suited to families. In the south of England you will find Cornwall, which is famous for its pearl oyster culture. Also popular is East Cumbria, which is situated between Nottingham and London. Here you will find the popular seaside resort of Burnley and its neighbouring towns. Finally, if you love wildlife then you will like Devon and Cornwall, where you can explore the famous Torbay Wildlife Park and even go snorkelling.

Italy is another popular destination for European beach holidays. It is home to some of the best beaches in Europe. Some of the more popular Italian beaches include Trapani, Maggiore, Tarifa, Reggio Calabria, Ragusa and Lecce. Some of the other smaller Italian beaches include Trapani, Camerino and Verona. So, if you love a good swim and are looking for the top European beach holidays then take your holiday to one of these top destinations in Italy.