European Holiday Destinations to Visit

Europe is the biggest continent located entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and with the exception of Australia, it is entirely in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is a land mass of different continents which are linked geographically and politically through borders. It is home to all major civilizations that exist today as well as countless cultures that have lived in its folds since the Stone Age. The most important European Holiday destinations are located in Europe and in particular in Western Europe. Some of the main European Holiday Places are:

In Western Europe the cities of Nice and Cannes in France are some of the most beautiful cities in the World. They are known for their beaches and picturesque countryside. Cannes is also one of the most popular European holiday destinations in terms of films. Its breathtaking coastline with the beautiful French Riviera beaches are truly breath taking. Cannes also hosts several prestigious film festivals.

In Eastern Europe the most popular destinations include places like Bratislava, Cernavoda and Galway in Ireland. These beautiful cities are home to thousands of ethnic Germans, Czechs and Scandinavians. The ethnic Germans are mostly drawn to the Irish village of Ennis where they can easily find old churches, art galleries and beautiful bars and clubs. There are some amazing picturesque villages along the way as you travel from Bratislava to Galway via train.

In Central Europe there are some truly breathtaking European holiday destinations like the small Belgian town of Antwerp. It has some of the most serene and romantic beaches in all of Europe. If you love to walk on the many beaches that surround Antwerp, then this is a wonderful place to visit. On your travels you will also want to visit the beautiful cathedrals and castles that are situated in various locations throughout Belgium.

One other excellent choice for an evening in Europe would be to stay at some of the amazing Cretan villas nestled on the beach of Cretan island. Cretan island is one of the most beautiful places in all of the world. The volcanic landscape and the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea have won the hearts of sailors for centuries. Nowadays, many cruise ships travel to the Cretan islands where visitors can enjoy the many popular activities that are enjoyed by many tourists. When you are on holiday in Cretan you are sure to see some of the most spectacular architecture in all of Europe. This will no doubt make your European vacation a very memorable one.

Another great choice for a relaxing getaway during your trip to Europe would be the beautiful Portuguese town of Lisbon. Located on the western coast of Portugal, Lisbon is an amazing city and one of the most romantic holiday destinations in Europe. The Portuguese architecture and the beautiful beaches and parks will sure to capture your imagination for a lifetime. With so many wonderful sights to see and activities to do, Lisbon is truly a great place for an amazing vacation.

When looking for amazing places to stay in Europe, I also wanted to include in my list of the top destinations to visit. My final choice for the top European destinations to visit would be the beautiful Spanish city of Madrid. Madrid is Spain’s capital and home to Spain’s famous capital, the Puerta del Sol. If you love water sport you will love Madrid as there are many wonderful beaches and lovely resorts with a beautiful backdrop of the river that runs through Madrid. If you love the culture and the night life then Madrid is for you.

My final choice for the top destinations to visit would be the beautiful cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. Stockholm the capital of Sweden is a great place for those people who love the night life. Gothenburg is a capital of Sweden and has some of the most beautiful and modern art galleries in Europe. Both of these destinations have amazing architecture and beautiful cities filled with snow-capped peaks. I hope this information helps you plan your next European holiday and inspire you to visit these fabulous places!