European Holiday Destinations

Europe is renowned for its beautiful white sandy beaches. Every year, thousands of holidaymakers are in the lookout for the best white sandy beaches in Europe. From exquisite Papagayo Beach, spectacular beaches in Algarve to the picturesque beaches of southern France. Then, you have a wide choice of fabulous beach holiday destinations in Europe to choose from!

European holiday destinations

Of all the glorious European holiday destinations, perhaps none is as deserving of a place in your beach bucket list as Portugal. A little-known but beautiful beach destination in Europe, Portugal has some great beach resorts and an equally great range of water sports facilities. It’s worth visiting the beautiful town of Belem, situated on the Costa da Caparica, and enjoy a fascinating look into the ancient Portuguese past.

The stunning coastline of Portugal offers stunning sandy beaches to relax on and enjoy water sports. One of the most popular European holiday destinations, the French Riviera boasts some of the most romantic beaches in Europe. Located between France and Italy, the French Riviera islets are home to some of the most famous celebrities in Europe. The most popular is Leucate-sur Ouche, a small cluster of islands off the coast of Cannes. Off the coast of this island is the most famous landmark in Europe – the Mont Sainte-Victoire, or World’s Wateriest Picnic Site.

There are many other wonderful European beach holidays to choose from. For those looking for a really exciting beach experience, Spain is a great place to go. Its many captivating locations are home to some of the best beaches across Europe, making it an attractive choice for great beaches to visit.

As well as being home to some of the best beaches around Europe, Italy is also a great destination for some amazing sun holidays. Rome, Tuscany and Sicily are all popular locations to visit for Italian beach holidays. Rome boasts some of the most amazing architectural attractions in Europe, from the Eternal City to St Peter’s Basilica. Rome is also home to some of the most famous architectural attractions in Europe, including the Vatican.

Ramla in Norway is one of the most beautiful beach vacation destinations in Europe. With magnificent views over the sea and snowcapped peaks in its proximity, it is an attractive destination for any kind of traveller. The villages here are full of medieval architecture, and you can even sample some old life in its villages. Fjords border the region and provide picturesque views across the sea. In addition to Ramla, there are other beautiful beach vacation destinations in Norway such as Akershus, Blyde, Egevlo, Grimstad, Skokkloster, Vestfold, Heimo and more.

Nice is one of the top beach destinations in France, and is a popular tourist destination with British tourists. Located on the southern coast of France, Nice has a number of attractions for visitors. Some of the attractions worth visiting include the Picasso Museum, the Musee des Beaux-arts, and the L’Arc de Triomphe.

If you are looking for a place to spend your summer holiday, then don’t forget Spain, Portugal or Greece. The warm climate, sandy beaches and wonderful culture in these countries make it a great place to spend your summer holiday. However, if you are interested in spending your summer holiday in Europe, then consider spending it in one of the most photogenic locations across Europe – the sandy beaches of Spain. If you haven’t visited Spain or Portugal yet, then do so before you miss out on one of the most photogenic places across the globe.

Lanzarote is one of the top beach holiday destination in Lanzarote and is considered to be the most picturesque of all the Canary Islands. With it’s green, palm trees lined in the bay and its unique architecture, this island truly deserves its name. There are several activities that you can do on this island; here are some of the most recommended activities to do on the beautiful beaches of Lanzarote:

If you are interested in enjoying the Mediterranean sun all year round, then there is nothing better than staying in a holiday resort in Spain, like the amazing holiday villas in Lanzarote. There are many activities that you can do on your own private holiday island – horse riding, walking, golfing, sailing, swimming and many more. If you are planning a private vacation in Lanzarote, then you need to make sure that you book the villa beforehand, as hotels book up fast! You can also enjoy the Mediterranean weather all year round, as well as all-year round sailing on your own private small sailing vessel. If you are looking for an extremely romantic place to spend your honeymoon, then you should consider staying at the holiday cottages in Lanzarote, as they are nestled in amongst the pine trees and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

For something completely different, you should visit Praia Da Marinha, a remarkable community of fishermen’s villages surrounded by lush mountains on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. You will discover an ideal escape from the city life as the people here live in self-sufficient villages. You can take a traditional tour of the village from one of the many tourist guides that will be dotted across the area. The food and wine are excellent, and there are even regular boat cruises running on the Arrecifei Coast to explore the stunningly beautiful marine ecosystem.