Interesting Places to Visit While Staying in Buenos Aires

Australia and Canada are both wonderful countries. However, what makes them so great is the adventure they offer you. No matter what part of the world you want to travel too, there are plenty of awesome places to go. These seven wonders of the world can all make for a wonderful vacation. So set your own “Wonders of the World” agenda and get ready to explore the wonders of these two incredible countries.

Interesting places to visit

The Amazon Rainforest is absolutely one of the greatest places on Earth. It is an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience. This is a trek in which you will walk through the thick jungle, viewing some of the most amazing sights on the way. There are also a few interesting facts about the Amazon Rainforest on your “Wonders of the World” trip. Please note that I am not necessarily promoting the use of the Amazon Rainforest for tourism.

Machu Picchu: One of the most mysterious of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is also one of the most exciting places to go. For those interested in ancient history and ruins, this is a must see. There are several different routes to take when touring this area. Please note that the best time to visit Machu Picchu is in the evening as it gets a little bit dark after sundown.

The Inca Trail: If ancient ruins and ancient cultures fascinate you, then the Inca Trail is definitely for you. Traveling along the Inca Trail will allow you to see many of the most amazing landmarks that can only be found in South America. Starting at the town of Cusco and lasting up to Machu Picchu, the trail covers incredible scenery and breathtaking views.

The Cullen Falls: This waterfall is located in Peru, on the Way of the Kings. This is definitely an attraction for those who love the dark side of the world and the wonderful beauty of nature. The trail begins in Cusco and makes it way to the majestic falls.

The Colonial Buildings: What can be more unique than the colonial buildings that can only be found in South America? The colonial buildings here were made over a hundred years ago during the colonial period. They are completely unique in their design and architecture. There are some beautiful old colonial buildings in the rainforest, where visitors can feel the history and culture throughout the year. These buildings include hotels, temples, cemeteries, bridges and much more. The beauty of these ruins cannot be described in words.

The Inca Trail: The Inca Trail stretches from Cusco to the town of Sacsayhuaman. It’s one of the greatest treks you will ever experience. The trail is very easy to follow and includes many amazing attractions such as ancient ruins, waterfalls, caves and other natural attractions. The journey takes about an hour and half and you will be rewarded with the best sightseeing you have ever had.

The Buenos Aires Arch: Here, you will stand in front of one of the largest arch buildings in the world. It was built to honor the patron deity of the Incas, Huayna de Quechua. Situated in the Plaza Metropolitan de Armas in the middle of the city, the arch is so big it actually takes several days to walk around. In addition to the impressive size of this building, you will get to see the amazing views it offers you from every angle. There are a number of things you can do while you wander around this mesmerizing corner of south America, but the highlight is that you can view the magnificent arch from the comfort of your hotel.