Popular Asian Holiday Destinations

For most people planning an Asian holiday most likely the first location that they think of when it comes to places to stay in is Bangkok. However, it can often be an expensive misstep as often you’ll be overcharged for accommodation as opposed to booking a private flat or a villa. The same can be said for food as you will usually be eating at expensive restaurants and hotels along with the typical local fare which isn’t always delicious. This means that when planning your Asian holiday you need to be very careful about what you’re getting.

Asian holiday destinations

Of course, some of the more popular Asian holiday destinations come from Asia’s most popular cities. Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are all places which rank highly on the list of places to stay in. They are all wonderful and amazing attractions that should be included in any trip to Asia. But if you want to experience a bit more of the wilder and less touristy areas of Asia then there are plenty of places where you can go to without having to break the bank. And here are some of these amazing attractions in Asia that you may well have never heard of…

Thailand: It may not seem very ‘trendy’ to include a country that ranks relatively low on lists of popular destinations, but rest assured that if you do your research you’ll find that Thailand has a lot to offer. For example, there is something for everyone in Thailand. Whether you prefer the lush tropical climate and beaches of the Andaman and Gulf of Thailand or the cooler, wetter climates of Bangkok and Phuket, there is something for everybody. And for those who want to experience the true Thai culture, Thailand has plenty of wonderful temples.

Malaysia: A country with a huge influence on the world of Asian holidays, Malaysia offers fantastic beaches, great shopping and dining and a wealth of cultural experiences. If you’re looking for a truly unique Asian holiday, look no further than Malaysia. There is something for everyone in this wonderful country and many travellers often choose to come here for the beaches and the shopping, or stay for the amazing nightlife and cultural experience. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll love all the activities that Malaysia has to offer.

Japan: Japan is another popular choice with Asian holiday destinations because not only is it cheap flights to Tokyo but also cheap flights to other popular cities in Japan. There are many fascinating attractions in and around Tokyo such as the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine and the St. Paul’s Cathedral which must be seen by tourists. Of course, you could also choose to book cheap flights to any other city in Japan. The most popular destinations are generally to be found in the islands of Hokkaido and Hawaii.

Singapore: Singapore is another great choice for any Asian holiday because not only is it cheap flights to Singapore but you can find some beautiful old colonial buildings here. One of Singapore’s main attractions is the Sentosa island where there are two magnificent beach resorts, a national park and a whole host of other attractions. One of the best things about Singapore is the whole island is free from the hustle and bustle except for a few key areas around town. These places are very quiet and offer amazing unspoilt views of the nearby ocean and the nearby islands.

China: Asia’s most popular country is also home to some amazing places to visit and stay including Yangshuo, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. Yangshuo is known as the “God’s Own Country” due to the huge number of lakes which stretch for over 500 miles. Yangshuo itself has more than 20 million visitors every year! Tibet is the region’s centre of ancient Buddhist culture and has some incredible hiking trails. Finally, Inner Mongolia is home to China’s most beautiful snow-capped mountains which are accessible by car or train.

Japan: Japan is another popular destination for all types of tourists with a large number of cultural festivals taking place across the country. Some popular places to visit include Shichi-Go-San, Niigata-Hakone and the Sea of Japan. Shichi-Go-San is Japan’s National Landmark and is famous for its scenic scenery and peaceful atmosphere. Niigata-Hakone is Japan’s largest city and Niigata-maru is world renowned for its spectacular scenery.