Where to Stay in Asia – Some of the Best Asian Holiday Destinations For Your Next Holiday!

Asian holiday destinations

Where to Stay in Asia – Some of the Best Asian Holiday Destinations For Your Next Holiday!

Asian holiday destinations are very varied and offer something for everyone. From the stunning beaches of Indonesia, Thailand, Bali, the Philippines and Malaysia to the snow capped mountains of China and Mongolia, Asia has something for everyone. Each country in Asia has its own charm, culture and attractions. The countries are not all about modern wealth and affluence, some places have been developing for years and offer a more traditional, and less modern way of life. So here are some of the places to stay when on an Asian holiday.

The most popular Asian destinations are those that are closely related to the country of origin. Singapore, for example, offers an easy gateway into neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, offering cheap flights and cheap accommodation. Likewise, Thailand is easily accessible from Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Japan. These countries also have a number of other tourist destinations to offer, meaning that you will have no problem finding the perfect Asian holiday destination.

If you’re looking for an alternative to visiting the more well know Asian destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong then you may like to consider places closer to home. Thailand itself has some fantastic places to stay, in places such as Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi. Phuket is one of Thailand’s top tourist places and is easily accessible from Bangkok. Its beaches are still among the best in Asia and there are plenty of cheap flights to get to the island. For those interested in the more tropical climate of Thailand there is the island of Krabi, which has a number of natural parks and mountains to explore. It is also easily accessible from places to stay in Koh Samui via train or ferry.

Of course, if you do prefer an even more laid back destination then Thailand offers the island of Phuket with plenty to offer. It is home to some stunning white sandy beaches and there are plenty resorts to choose from, all with convenient access to the beautiful beaches. The seas of Thailand tend to be less crowded than the waters of other European countries, making it an ideal destination for families looking to enjoy some relaxation on their holiday.

Another popular family holiday destination in Australia is Brisbane. Home to world famous attractions such as the Casino Royal Hotel and the Queensland Aquarium there are some lovely cheap holiday destinations in Australia to enjoy. The family attractions in this city are also varied, from the Great Barrier Reef to the beautiful Broadwater World. There are some incredible cheap flights to Australia from UK throughout the year and with flights from Melbourne and Sydney being almost constantly available, it is easy to arrange your family holiday here.

If you have been looking for holiday destinations in Asia that have excellent value for money then you might want to consider some of the more out of the way but fabulous locations that are not so easily accessible. One of these places is Sri Lanka, previously known as Lanka. Although heavily influenced by the west for much of its history, Sri Lanka now has a strong western influence and boasts some of the most amazing beaches in the area. There are some cheap flights from UK to Sri Lanka throughout the year and although the tourism industry has suffered somewhat in recent times, there is still a good deal of chance to enjoy fantastic vacations.

Thailand is another of the more popular destinations for European holiday makers to visit, although it is not always regarded as being one of the best places to stay in Asia. Although places like Singapore and Malaysia are more popular with tourists, Thailand is a little bit overlooked as a destination for European tourists. However, with cheap flights to Europe from UK flying into Bangkok the main cities of Bangkok and Singapore you can easily see why it is such a popular destination. The beaches are fantastic, the food is reasonable and the local people are friendly.

The Caribbean islands of Barbados, St Martin and Jamaica are destinations that are also well worth considering when looking for places to stay in Asia. With a host of golf courses and other sporting activities on offer, you can really practice your golfing skills in these exotic surroundings. Caribbean islands are also popular with holidaymakers looking for a beach and water sports, with some excellent resorts in Grenada and St Vincent’s being especially popular. For those looking for a far more spiritual holiday, Bodrum is a great choice, offering the opportunity to experience the ancient sites of Turkey and the Sinai. Another popular destination for European tourists to choose from is Cambodia, which although less well known than some of the other places to stay in Asia, offers some wonderful local scenery. You can also find some cheap flights to Cambodia from the UK during July and August, so take advantage and get away!